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Learn to Play - Junior Development Class BLUE - Thursday
STAGE: BLUE — Key Competencies (7-10 yrs)
1. Set-up: Child has a functioning grip, posture and alignment. There will be noticeable area to
improve in the set-up but the child can function to the benchmarks below.
2. Full swing: Will increase the number of solid contacts with any club by 20%
3. Putting: Controls the distance the ball rolls to within 25% of the length of the flat putt.
(ex. ball rolls within 5 feet on a 20 foot putt) with reasonable consistency
4. Chipping: At least 40% of the chip shots from a stable environment have a functional loft
for the given shot and club selected
5. More Advanced Level of Etiquette:Child demonstrates a more advanced understanding of
golf etiquette (eg. Safety, keeping score of self and others, raking bunkers; repairing ball marks;
where to leave your golf bag; etc.) Although inconsistent, the child is aware of other people and
objects when swinging. Child can explain what to do in case of lightning while practicing
or playing.
6. Rules of Golf: Child demonstrates a basic knowledge of the Rules of Golf including examples
such as: order of play, when a penalty stroke should occur, use of tee markers and when
the flagstick should be removed.




04/09/2020 @ 05:00 PM


09/19/2020 @ 06:00 PM 


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