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Adult Short Game Coaching
Level All This program is suitable for adults who have basic knowledge of the game and would like to improve the short game fundamentals. Each class will be devoted to one component of the short game: putting, chipping, pitching and sand shots. Basic fundamentals, strategies and practice drills will be discussed. Making improvements in your short game is the fastest way to lower your score. Sign up for a pre-scheduled 4 week course. Join as an individual or with friends (4 min – 6 max people per course)

Short Game – chipping, pitching,
Full Swing – grip, posture, ball position, swing mechanics, etc..
Putting – fundamentals, accuracy, distance control, break




Golf Course


06/06/2018 @ 06:30 PM


06/27/2018 @ 07:30 PM 


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1 Places Available
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6 Participants Max
6 Guests Permitted