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Learn to Play - Junior Development Class ORANGE - Wednesday
Stage: Orange — Key Competencies (6-8 yrs)
1. Set-up: Demonstrates the ability to hold the club with two hands close together, with his or her
feet on either side of the ball.
2. Swing: Demonstrates the ability to swing arms back and then swing through to a reasonably
balanced finish.
3. Child is able to copy, imitate an instructor.
4. Child is able to name different parts of the golf course such as tee, green, fairway,
bunker and rough.
5. Safety & Etiquette: Child demonstrates the basic understanding of:
a. Golf etiquette (eg. being quiet when someone is hitting; where is a safe place to
stand during play; etc.).
b. 11 Golden Rules of Golf Safety
i. Never swing a club or hit balls unless your instructor tells you to.
ii. Never swing a club or hit balls unless you are in the Safe Hitting Zone or on
the Golf Course and only when it is safe to do so.
iii. Look before you swing to make sure your Swing Area and Landing Areas are
clear. Stay well behind those swinging clubs or hitting balls.
iv. When outside of the Safe Hitting Zone clubs must be carried in the Cane Position.
v. Never run forward of the Safe Hitting Zone or ahead of those playing on the
Golf Course to retrieve balls or divots.
vi. Never hit others with golf clubs or balls.
vii. Yell “FORE” as loudly as you can if your ball is heading toward someone. If
you hear someone yell FORE, turn away and cover your head/eyes.
viii. No running on the golf course or practice area unless approved by your instructor
ix. When others are hitting balls, stand in a position directly opposite them
(where you can see their eyes) or behind the ball with lots of space between
you and the golfers.
x. Avoid walking too close to ponds, creeks and rivers.
xi. If you’re a passenger on a golf cart stay seated and hang on to the cart handles.




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